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Munni in Prothom Alo May 2021


Healing Dance for International Peace Day!


My Therapeutic Indian Exercise / Healing Dance is being understood and applied in various ways around the world

PANEURHYTHMY – The Dance of Life

PanEuRhythmy – a system of musical physical exercises performed in the morning in the open. It is a circle dance integrating music and poetry, movement and thought in a harmonious unity.


Panorama India August 18th 2019  at Nathan Philips Square in Toronto.





Munni Subhani training the women with the HEALING DANCE at PKSF one of the biggest NGO for the AWARENESS OF ABUSE IN WOMEN  27th Jan 2019 Dhaka, Bangladesh

8 Training the PKSF staff on Healing dance  7 Healing dance 2

Educating the Management at PKSF about the benefits of Healing Dance and a Workshop!

Featured in the most respected and widely read English National Newspaper in Bangladesh  (Please click on the article to enlarge it)

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1 NTV 4

Recent National TV Interview in Bangladesh – Dec 2018 ( in Bengali )

5 Munni addressing the audience at Jindal Bangalore  Addressing crowd at Jindal Bangalore India

Addressing the participants at Jindal Nature Cure Centre – Bangalore, India


Sylhet Convention 2018 in Toronto. please click here!

Sylhet convention honoring Tasha an opening address everyone was moved to dance along

THE AMAZING SENIORS of the Therapeutic Exercise / Healing Dance and their founder , Munni Subhani receives standing ovation at the SYLHET WORLD CONVENTION  here in Toronto , 1st and 2nd September 2018. The convenor , Rasheda K Choudhury and the president honouring Munni with the special scarf on which the original alphabets of the natives were remembered. This would be the 12th performance by the Seniors ranging in age from 65 to 85 . I wish in all the events in Toronto in future we will be able to share this message of HAPPINESS with ALL. Love from all the Seniors.


Canada Day 2018 at Aga Khan Museum

Hottest Day in July, but couldn’t  stop the seniors to take the challenge!151st Canada Day Celebration! at the Aga Khan Museum. Toronto. July 1st 2018WP_20180701_003

Amazing performance by the seniors of the Therapeutic Indian Exercise/Healing Dance who have many challenges to overcome. The classes are run by the Better Living Health and Community Centre.


Incredible break thru in the fitness world, founder of Therapeutic Indian Exercise / Healing Dance – Munni Subhani talks to a participant, who is absolutely thrilled by the program!

World renowned Ayurvedic Dr. Pankaj Naram, endorses Therapeutic ” Healing ” Dance! ( )


Interview on ATN Channel

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Part 2: