Workshops and Classes

We have evolved into Zoom Sessions which reaches to the far corners around the globe! Please email us if you would like to join.
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  • Workshops given at various centres:
  • Better Living Health Centre // Afghan women organization// Habitat for Women // Toronto Netralya Lions Club // Toronto Dominion Bank // Zoomers  Show 2010 /Toronto School Board ESL // Teachers Convention // United Nations Children Organization.// AWIC.// Arya Samaj Mandir Markham// Jindal Ayurvedic Health Ctr. Bangalore India


150th Canada Day Celebration

canada day aga khan museum




Yasmeen Merali ( Desilife March-April 2008 ) Toronto Star

” I learned a few moves for 10 minutes and had to sit down for an hour and a half, due to my asthma. Today I can dance for two hours and breathe much better. Dance has been a great strength for me “

 Candid conversation after a dance Therapy workshop

Therapeutic Dance at the Better Living Community Ctr.

Healing Exercise Session at Better Living Health Ctr. ” Special Adult Program “





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