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Therapeutic Exercise/Healing Dance



This new form of therapy involves body awareness and energy flow. One can think of it as Meditative Movement or a Mindful Dance where every movement is intentional and every result varies on the effort of the individual. Therapeutic Indian Exercise is great for all levels and can help individuals reduce stress through ‘tuning inwards’ and finding their moments of bliss within their dance flow. There are many form of exercise and dance. However, this joins the two and makes it unintimidating and approachable. A technique that allows individuals from all walks of life to develop and enjoy their own practice and reap benefits beyond just the physical. Beyond that, there’s a sense of creativity. Although there is a formulaic way to this dance, there is room for freestyle and adding personal style and flair. I encourage individuals to step outside the norm of dance in society and to extend their diversity into the wonderful world of dance. Here, is where they can start…

Munni Subhani

( Founder and Director)


FOR INFO PLEASE EMAIL: munniafzal@hotmail.com